Text Create


Set the rendering style of the new text object. GAMGI supports both wired (stroked) and solid (extruded) 3D fonts. Stroked fonts are faster and more suited for analysis. Extruded fonts are made from TrueType faces and are designed for presentations, when combined with lights.
Example: <text style="wired"/> (default)
Allowed values: wired, solid (optional)


Set the font used to render the new text object. There are 14 stroked fonts currently available, including scripting and mathematical fonts. The first two were made for Sun, used by the X consortium and currently distributed with GLUT and freeglut packages. The 12 other fonts were digitized by Allen V. Hershey, used by several packages and currently distributed with GNU plotutils.
Example: <text ... font="roman"/> (wired default)
(defined in GAMGI_IO_TEXT_WIRED)
Allowed values: roman, roman_mono, sans, sans_bold,
serif, serif_bold, script, script_bold, gothic_english,
gothic_german, gothic_italian, sans_symbol, serif_symbol,
serif_symbol_bold (optional)
There are also 12 extruded fonts currently available, made from DejaVu TrueType fonts, derived from the Vera fonts made by BitStream for the Gnome project.
Example: <text ... font="sans"/> (solid default)
(defined in GAMGI_IO_TEXT_SOLID)
Allowed values: sans, sans_bold, sans_italic, sans_bold_italic,
serif, serif_bold, serif_italic, serif_bold_italic, mono,
mono_bold, mono_italic, mono_bold_italic (optional)
Text objects created with these fonts can be rotated,moved,scaled on space, exactly as a molecule. Wired text objects look better without lights, because they do not reflect light. Solid text objects should be combined with lights, to obtain a tridimensional look.

red, green, blue

Set the text color, between black (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) and white (1.0, 1.0, 1.0).
Example: <text ... red="0.0" green="1.0" blue="0.0"/> (default)
Allowed values: 0.0 - 1.0 (optional, coupled)


Change the text size, including its child objects. Text objects are scaled around the text center. The visual representation of an object is always scaled by its own scale factor multiplied by the scale factor of all its parent objects until layer, inclusive.
Example: <text ... scale="1.0"/> (default)
(defined in GAMGI_MESA_SCALE)
Allowed values: positive real (optional)